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Minds of Glass
Images and sounds by Marta G. Bressi & Dirk Schreurs, presented at the 2009 International Independent Film and Video Festivals in Los Angeles and New York, at the Borges Cultural Center in Buenos Aires (Argentina), and at the 2010 C-Mine Jazz Festival in Genk (Belgium).

The Birth of the Project

The eleven videos (40 minutes total time) that make up the Minds of Glass project are the result of a fortuitous virtual encounter between two artists from the Old and the New World who express themselves using different media and tools. This collaboration, which was born as two separate entities, came to fruition when the Belgian musician Dirk Schreurs saw in the digital art of the Argentinian visual artist Marta Graciela Bressi a reflection of his own compositions. It was a pleasant surprise for both to discover that their individual works pulsed with the rhythm of each other's creations. The way in which both expressions merge make of this project a unique experience for the senses - a visual and auditory experience like none you have ever had.


Minds of Glass is the reflection of a new Universe of images and sounds. Each of the eleven parts functions like a window of consciousness through which the observer may experience aspects of a unifying world where visionary and auditory perception blend in a refreshing way. The transitory character of images and sounds leaves behind a trace of the Eternal or That, which embraces every moment in life. Minds of Glass is a spontaneous cry for awareness, a call for freedom of expression with respect for the unity of all living beings.

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