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Dirk is an official NORD keyboard instruments endorsement artist, playing the NORD STAGE 3 and the NORD PIANO 5 on tour and in the studio. (www.nordkeyboards.com/artist/dirk-schreurs)

Grand piano



Lead synth

At the beginning of 2020 Dirk launched an exciting musical project, called The Solo Piano Works. He has been recording new and older compositions, now exclusively arranged for solo piano. To give you an impression of the color and mood, you can now listen to his performance of his award-winning composition "Enigma".


In 2018 Dirk founded The Association for Holistic Imaginative and Mindful Sonic Art (AHIMSA) and released #1, an ambient/electro album featuring co-synthesist and composer Diederik Wissels. This CD contains 13 original compositions brought to life by analog synthesizers and sequencers in a tribute to the cosmic realm and beyond.


The Ben Vanderweyden Jazz Quartet honors harmonica legend Toots Thielemans during a multi-media tribute tour in 2018-2020. The Belgian quartet features Ben Vanderweyden on chromatic harmonica, Koen Vandendriessche on drums, Roman Korolik on 6-string bass and Dirk Schreurs on piano and keyboards. All musicians have worked with Toots on stage and/or in the studio. Lecture and video presentation by Fred Brouwers. Tour dates: 14/10/2018 Heist o/d Berg, 26/10 Roozendaal (NL), 7/11 Izegem, 19/11 Antwerpen, 25/11 Asse, 29/1/2019 Scherpenheuvel, 8/2 Knokke-Heist, 9/2 Poperinge, 14/6 Kortenberg, 15/6 Hansbeke, 27/9 Mol, 19/1/2020 Bekkevoort, 26/1/2020 Scherpenheuvel, 16/5/2020 Turnhout, 3/10/2020 Evere, 8/10/2020 Turnhout, 18/9/2021 Rekem, 17/10/2021 Hechtel-Eksel, 22/4/2022 Bilzen, 21/7/2022 Tienen. To be continued...



From 2017 until 2018 Dirk and his jazz trio featuring Ron van Stratum (drums) and Henk de Laat (acoustic bass)/Roman Korolik (electric bass) accompanied singer Della Bosiers, and Belgian singers/actors Jelle Cleymans and Bert Verbeke on a tour in honor of Dutch legend RAMSES SHAFFY. Moreover, especially for this theater tour, Dirk will arrange Ramsesís music in a highly personal way.


Tour 2017: 22/9 CC Herent, 22/9 CC De Haan, 29/9 CC Scherpenheuvel, 30/9 CC Lier, 5/10 CC Dilbeek, 6/10 CC Zandvliet, 7/10 CC Mechelen, 20/10 CC Overpelt, 26/10 CC Sint-Genesius-Rode, 27/10 CC Geel, 3/11 CC Aartselaar, 17/11 CC Tienen, 18/11 CC Maasmechelen, 24/11 CC Merksem, 1/12 CC Geraardsbergen, 6/12 CC Bierbeek, 9/12 CC Vilvoorde, 15/12 kerk Kortemark, 16/12 Ruiterhal Brasschaat. Tour 2018: 7/7 Nevele, 16/7 Gent, 10/8 Deurne.

On January 30. 2017, the Royal Library of Belgium and the Royal Belgian Mint pay tribute to the late Belgian jazz musician Toots Thielemans. For this exquisite event at "De Munt" in Brussels, Dirk has rearranged a.o. "Bluesette" for harmonica and Rhodes piano to be played with Belgian jazz harmonica player Ben Vanderweyden during the tribute. Moreover, Toots Thielemans will be honored with the release of a silver 20 Euro coin.

The new album by the Enrique Tarde Group called BRAGASINGA is out now!
BRAGASINGA is a colorful blend of Brazilian, jazz, funk, and world music.

Recording artists on BRAGASINGA are Ron van Stratum on drums and percussion, Henk de Laat on vocals and bass, Frank Peeters on acoustic and electric guitars, Peter Hermesdorf on tenor and soprano saxophones, and Dirk on piano and keyboards.

Artists in residence at the Courtrai Track Music Center, De Laat & Schreursís new acoustic jazz album "I Found You Found Me" is out now.
The CD contains colorful originals and fresh makeovers of songs and standards, all in themselves artistic reflections of the joy of improvisation and interaction.

SABAM Jazz Composition Award 2013
The SABAM for Culture association selected Dirkís "Rays of EnchantmentĒ to be the award winning composition at the 2013 Hoeilaart International Jazz Contest. This composition was played and recorded by a range of international jazz contestants during the Jazz Hoeilaart finale in Belgium on September 26-27-28 2013.

A versatile and creative studio musician, Dirk's engagement for the VRT broadcast corporation can be enjoyed a.o. in the acoustic soundtrack to this FLIKKEN detective series trailer.

"Minds of Glass" was shown at the 2010 C-Mine Jazz Festival in Genk, Belgium. In 2009 the video art installation had already been presented at the 2009 International Independent Film and Video Festivals in Los Angeles (July 30 till Aug 6.) and New York (October 22 till 29), and at the Centro Culturel Borges in Buenos Aires (November) Thanks to the Argentinian artist Marta G. Bressi who's generously offered Dirk her extraordinary talent to generate beautiful video images to all eleven compositions from his album "Minds of Glass", they have been able to create brand-new works together. This collaboration, which was born as two separate entities, came to fruition when Dirk discovered in Marta's art a reflection of his own visualisations when composing the music. It was a pleasant surprise for Dirk to experience how his music and Marta's digital video artwork pulse together in an energetic yet truly organic way.

Dirk recorded a unique sounding new album with Dutch jazz bassist and singer Henk de Laat. Their repertoire consists of originals and standards arranged in a contemporary way for bass and acoustic piano. Moreover, Henk and Dirk have developed workshops (in Dutch or English) about various creative aspects involved in the art of improvisation and interaction. Target groups are music academy students who study pop, jazz or classical music, and companies planning management and personnel training sessions. More info at www.delaatenschreurs.webs.com and in this word document.

Photography: Ronny Vanthienen - copyright 2009

References: Music academies of Kalmthout, Sint-Truiden, Genk, Maasmechelen, Schoten, Aarschot, Beringen, Diksmuide, Brussels, Bruges, and Ostend.

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